Snow flakes by Wilson Bentley 1902

Water is amazing stuff. The more you study it, the more unusual and magical it becomes.  Here are a few watery facts which we normally over-look.

Water expands when it freezes. There is hardly anything else which does this (most materials get smaller as they get colder). This is why ice floats.

Water is sticky. This video of water in space is worth a watch

Water is at it’s most dense at 4 degrees C. 4 degrees is also the temperature that grass starts growing at.

Water can cause soil erosion. The faster it flows, the more damage it can do.

Water is essential to all animals and plants.

When there is not enough water, everyone is in trouble, but too much can be very destructive too. Permaculture can inspire habitats which are resillient to dry conditions whilst preventing flooding and soil erosion.

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Article by James Chapman