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November 2017

Course feedback scores

For the last few years I’ve been asking students to rate their course out of 10 .

Here’s how I’ve been doing:

Edinburgh Permaculture Design Course 2016 : Average feedback score    9.6 / 10


Edinburgh Permaculture Design Course 2017 : Average feedback score    9.2 / 10  DSC_0625

Comrie Permaculture Design course  2017 : Average feedback score 9.1 / 10



Comrie permaculture course photos

We had a a great residential Permaculture Design Course at Comrie Croft.

A big thanks to Sam and Judith at Tomnah’a, Sue and Tober at Tombreck, Apple Tree Man and everyone at Comrie Croft.


I got some great feedback from the participants with an average score for the whole course of


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