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February 2018

New course open for bookings

Bookings are now open for the 2-day Introduction to Permaculture course. Go to the Courses page for more information and to book.

April 18 Intro SocMed.jpg

Of snow and compost

The 2018 Permaculture Design Course began on a crisp, chill morning at the end of January. The venue – Bridgend Farmhouse in the south of Edinburgh – looked especially fine in the snow.


The cold outside didn’t stop the creativity indoors.

Untitled design

The 2nd module – the February weekend – was a chance for practical work with compost. As well as working on the existing bays, the group helped with building the new hot compost box. The box is based on James’ design for the composting system at Leith Community Croft.  The highly insulated walls and lid lock in the heat: temperatures should reach at least 65°C. Bridgend Farmhouse will be able to compost all their organic waste (including veg scraps from the community cafe), and should have good, rough compost after 6 weeks.


compost comp

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