By James Chapman

I am a joiner and builder specialising in functional reclaimed wooden structures. These often form an integral part of my sustainable site designs. Below are examples of the broad range of structures I’ve designed and constructed.

A bespoke design service is available.


I built this 9m x 5m cabin using a large amount of reclaimed materials and local timber.

Bannister, timber wall and hand rail.

This was part of a large shop refit I was working on in 2017.



Here’s a special, one off, flat-pack, portable sauna built for Super Hot Shed Sauna services.

Garden Shelter

Made from reclaimed timber, burnt black using the Japanese flame method shou sugi ban. The coloured beads are made from bottle tops, strung onto wires.

Insulated compost boxes

These compost boxes are really well insulated, the guys at Leith Community Croft have got them up to 69 degrees Celsius! You can put all your compostables including food waste into them and get some rough compost out after 6 weeks.


Woodshed, Gate and Fence

The woodshed is made from larch left in the round. This creates an incredibly strong and slightly wonky looking structure. The gate and fence are made from locally sourced larch boards.