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If you were a tree… Nature connection @ NonStuff festival 2015

Over the course of the three days at NonStuff Festival 2015, we will be offering many opportunities for connecting with ourselves as nature, on all levels.

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Nature connection will be happening on many different levels, via music, art, outdoor pursuits, dance, movement, learning about plants as medicine and sustenance.  Finding our allies within – connecting us to all that is, nature – encouraging our re-connection with that deep knowing, that to live gently, we benefit the whole planet. This year we have so many wonderful workshops & opportunities for taking your learning further, including: Plant Tasting Workshop Find out about the medicinal actions of a plant using your senses. In this workshop you will learn how to listen to your body as it experiences a plant first through smell, and then taste. See how it makes you feel and compare that with others in the group. Does it make you think of a colour, a character, a song even? Then see if you can work out which plant it is. I promise to choose a friendly one from the hundreds growing in the Lodge grounds! If there is time we will go out into the grounds to meet the plant in situ.

I am a qualified medical herbalist, graduated from Scottish School of Herbal Medicine in 2007 and practiced in South Lanarkshire since then. Also practice clinical aromatherapy, working on a project to combine herbal medicine and massage. Facilitator: Victoria Chanin

Mudskippers Go Wild What if the ground isn’t the ground? What if it’s a river of lava? Or a river of goo? Or a river of jam? How will we cross it to the safety of shore? Will the sticks become a bridge? Will we make a leaf boat? Will we make jam-proof capes and fly across? A make-believe adventure workshop for children age 0-5 and their grown-ups, inspired by The Mudskippers outdoor adventure group I run on the Cowal peninsula. Mudskippers promotes imaginative play in wild spaces, facilitated by a professional theatre performer and forest school leader.

I am a professional theatre performer and a recently trained forest school leader. I work in all sorts of contexts to engage children and their families in imaginative play, wild play and engaging creatively with the environment. I have experience of facilitating theatre and play projects in Scotland, across the Former Yugoslavia, in Palestine and Zambia. For the past 5 years I have run The Mudskippers adventure group on the Cowal peninsula, running regular adventures, workshops and theatrical events which use the natural world and our imaginations as stimulus for story, play and adventure.  Facilitator: Diane Thornton

Finding a Plant Allly workshop (moving deeper into nature) This is an experiential workshop journeying in nature and also an inner journey to meet a plant ally and begin to develop a relationship with your ally.

I have been making flower essences in the Spanish sierras for 15 years, from this I have developed different ways of working with wild plants. I often use a 5 element framework and teach people how to develop their own relationships with their green kin, the plants that grow around them. I am a People and Permaculture facilitator, kinesiologist and coach. I have a particular interest in Sacred Economics and creating Gift economies. Facilitator: Juin Gibson

Photo: John Paul Dear @ Wiston Lodge
Photo: John Paul Dear @ Wiston Lodge

If you could be a tree which tree would you be? Trees that race to the sun. Trees that provide winter shelter. Trees that ward off evil. Trees that enchant. Trees that heal. Like people, each tree has its own character. Through stories, riddles and games our walk will explore the magic growing all around us and even, inside us too.

Beth Cross is a firm believer in stories’ ability to bring people together. All stories need a community to be told in and communities are the stories they tell. Her infectious enthusiasm makes her a favourite with children. Beth has a particular interest in and wealth of folktales of Scotland with an emphasis on exploring environmental themes and the long relationship reflected in folklore between humankind and nature. She has worked with the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh Talking Trees programme for over five years including a specially commissioned programme on John Muir. Facilitator: Beth Cross

Playful Movement : Explorations in Nature’ A workshop of gentle, free movement exploring and interacting with the natural environment based on the teachings of Anna Halprin (California based experimental dancer/choreographer whose practice engages deeply with the natural environment). Easy and fun exercises such as creating responsive interpretative dance movements to trees and plants, water, wind and sky and moving through the surroundings as a group, in pairs, and by yourself- using all the senses, in bare feet, and engaging in playful activities such as rolling, skipping and crawling. The workshop will explore, through movement, different ways of connecting with nature in a relaxed, enjoyable manner. Suitable for all ages and all levels of ability.

My name is Emma. I am a meditating, dancing yogi who is obsessed with nutrition. I live in the countryside in the Highlands and love nothing more than to connect with the natural environment. My workshops are based on the teachings of Anna Halprin, a Californian based experimental dancer/choreographer I have researched and trained with who has been teaching interpretative movement workshops on her outdoor deck in amongst the Californian Redwood trees since the 1950s! Facilitator: Emma Forbes

Photo: John Paul Dear @ Wiston Lodge
Photo: John Paul Dear @ Wiston Lodge

Introduction to forest gardening – talk and discussion Plus Forage walk for forest gardeners Forest gardening offers the possibility of meeting human needs in a far more ecological, connected way than conventional farming, organic or chemical. It is the art and science of designing complete ecosystems that bear a useful, varied yield for people.

Alan Carter is a forester and gardener based in Aberdeen. Facilitator: Alan Carter

Family earth skills Join us for some family fun in nature. Learn how to light a fire as our ancestors did, play nature connection games, have a go at some basic wood carving, and cook some food over the fire.

Kate Hedges is the lead instructor and director of Blue Skies. Following her vision she trained in America at the WOLF School. For more than 10 years Kate has been running courses for varied client groups in wilderness survival, nature awareness and primitive living. She hopes that these experiences will empower students to create deeper connections with themselves, nature and community. Kate holds current outdoor education, first aid and Forest School level 3 qualifications.Facilitator: Kate Hedges

Photo: John Paul Dear @ Wiston Lodge
Photo: John Paul Dear @ Wiston Lodge

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What is Permaculture?

Edinburgh Permaculture Courses in 2015


 Join us in Edinburgh for an Introduction to Permaculture on 17 – 18 January 2015, and find out.

The intro weekend also doubles up as Module 1 of the Full Permaculture Design Course, a twelve day course (six weekends over six months,  Jan – June) which is accredited by the Permaculture Association Britain, which means you will get a certificate on completion.

As well as a certificate, you will also get to meet some interesting like-minded folk; share stories & experiences; go on site visits and see how we can create abundance when we work with nature; have tasty pot luck lunches; remember what you already know , intuitively & instinctively;  start consciously designing for a lower carbon life; fully embrace all of that NonStuff  – have fun; and then…. you will know, what permaculture means for you..

Full info on the courses here

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