The Comrie Permaculture Design Course is now open for booking.

I’m running a 2 week, residential permaculture course from 30 Sept  – 14 Oct 2017.

Prices are on a sliding scale from £470 – £950 including bed and food.

Please read the Full course info comrie-pdc-course-info-2017


and then book using THIS FORM

A few people have reported problems with the online form. If you would like a form emailed to you instead, please contact me via the CONTACT PAGE 


About NonStuff industries

NonStuff Industries is a Social Enterprise with the following aims :

  • To organise music and sustainability festivals and events
  • To help others to run their own events
  • To promote permaculture education and provide subsidised places on courses
  • To promote local music, crafts and arts
  • To promote anything else we like the look of

Like many, our ideal future is a truly sustainable society.
However, we’re interested in a truly sustainable society that is also having a good time, because “If it’s not fun, it’s not sustainable” (Guy Dauncey).


DIY NonStuff

Are you interested in running your own NonStuff event?

If you

1) Use the NonStuff event principles (see below).

2) Have been to a NonStuff event.


3) Do not clash in time or space with an existing NonStuff event

Then you can appear on the NonStuff website as an official event, use the NonStuff logo and feature in the mail-outs. We can also provide some help and tips with organising your event.

The NonStuff Event Principles are:

1) Participatory workshops including permaculture and sustainability, foraging, crafts, music, singing, dancing etc.
2) Unamplified performances of all varieties.
3) Games and activities i.e. table tennis, hill walking, volley ball, tiddlywinks.
4) Low technology – high imagination.
5) If it’s not fun, it’s not sustainable.

 Who is involved?

James Chapman – CEO

james frisbee

James is the creative force behind Nonstuff Industries. He is a musician, permaculture teacher and social artist.


Tracey Hay


Tracey organises festival workshops,  takes bookings for courses and promotes all the Nonstuff activities.

 Dougie Mackay

douglas mackay

Dougie Mackay organises the crew for the festivals.

Elly Kinross


Elly will be running Children’s Permaculture Workshops in 2015.

Lucie Macaulay


Lucie teaches on my permaculture courses. Her favourite subjects are “Patterns in Nature” and “Organic Gardening”. She is an active member of North Queensferry Transition Town.

Si Colley


Woodsman and spoon carver Si teaches practical sessions on Permaculture courses and also plays in the Forgotten Works.

Martin Beer


Martin plays in the Forgotten Works

Grainne Foster


Grainne plays in the Forgotten Works