celebration image with text

Yep, we want your support and participation in the NonStuff Festival to be a celebration, and we’d also like to show our gratitude.

So….. we will be offering some lovely little surprises at some key points in the ticket sales!!

We will offer gifts to the person/s who books ticket number 25, ticket number 50, and if we reach ticket number 100 before Spring equinox (the early bird price cut off point) then we are offering a free place to the 100th person to book!!

Today we sold the 1st ticket!!! Yeahhhhh.

So we are thinking up a special something for that person. Thank You, Annette 😉

We’ve already had some offers of workshops, which is also exciting.

Want to make sure NonStuff Festival 2015 is another great celebratory event?

Here are some ways you can support us:

Share the word about the Festival amongst your friends, you can share this link:   http://nonstuff-festival-2015.bpt.me

Your can book tickets here. You could be on of the people to receive a surprise gift!

Keep the ideas flowing, and let your creative and talented friends know we are on the lookout for co-creators.

You can sign up to offer a workshop, performance or join our crew here

We are already very excited for the festival which is about to unfold before our very eyes.

We look forward to you being part of that unfolding.

Let’s celebrate!!!