Find your inner artist, open up to your creativity, learn new skills, while having fun. This year at NonStuff Festival we offer you many opportunities for all of the above (and more)

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Here are just some of the workshops to get those creative juices flowing – for beginners and all the Picasso’s out there:

How to make poi from bits and bob’s

Also how to knit them if one so desires, although I’ll not be teaching actual knitting, just the poi pattern, and then teaching to use the poi. A bumper double time slot,  because it takes time to make them and we want people to have ample time to learn to use them before sending them off to practice themselves

I am keenly interested in the human heart and its potential. It’s pretty much the most important thing in the world to me. Listening to my heart brought me to, among other things, poi. I love to poi and have been learning alone for sometime (6 years, give or take). I find joy in making my own poi from random ‘ingredients’, poi are so personal, what one likes another doesn’t, so it seems prudent to show people how to experiment with this before they start to learn to spin. I feel quite passionate about passing this love on. I would love for this festival to be my first foray into sharing with others what spinning has given to me. It has more depth to it than I can possibly convey here. Needless to say it’s not just balls on a sting! Facilitator: Cate MacColl

Felt bunting making 

participants make pieces by wet felting dyed fleece, we join them all together, and hang it up to decorate a space!
suitable for all but children under 8 will need a grown up to help them.

Anna makes felt mainly for fun, sometimes to sell, and loves passing on this very simple and enjoyable skill. Facilitator: Anna Kinross

Willow sculpture for burning

Me, Anna. I’m a basketweaver and friend of Mr NonStuff Chapman. Anna is a skilled and experienced weaver, who also grows her own willow. Facilitator: Anna Liebmann

Crafting @ NonStuff Festival 2014
Crafting @ NonStuff Festival 2014

Making Natural Dyes

In this workshop students will learn how to prepare a number of different coloured dyes using common plant materials. Student will be given a ‘recipe sheet’ to take away and practice at home. We will bring samples of plants that can be foraged to make natural dyes so students can learn how to identify them


Colouring fabrics with natural dyes
In this workshop students will learn techniques to achieve different patterns and effects using natural dyes (made in the previous workshop and others prepared in advance). Students will make a sample to take home (e.g. skein of wool or a cotton scarf).

Emily is a textile artist and has a residency at a wasps studio in Dumfries and Galloway, she specialises in using natural fabrics and making dyes from plants. I am a hobby arts and crafts enthusiast. Both of us have volunteered at festivals before with activities ranging from stewarding, cooking to bar work. Emily’s keen to share her skills and will be delivering workshops from her garden this summer during the Dumfries and Galloway Arts and Crafts trail as well as taking part in the Spring Fling. Facilitators: Kirsten Milliken & Emily Buchanan

Upcycle book binding workshop – open spine binding.

Including – maps, paper, card, buttons. Participants will learn new skills and leave with their own hand bound book.

Upcycle book binding workshop: Japanese stab binding.

Reusing scrap materials, including – maps, paper, card, buttons. Participants will learn a range of different stitches and leave with their own selection of hand bound booklets.

I am a self taught bookbinder and currently run workshops for a range of participants in Edinburgh and Glasgow, working with galleries, community groups, schools and through adult education. I also make books by commission, which include travel journals, wedding books and photo albums, using recycled materials wherever possible. I volunteer with a zero waste skill sharing group called Remade in Edinburgh where I run regular workshops, it was a member of this group that sent me the link to your festival, which I am really keen to be part of. Facilitator: Cassandra Barron

Beginners Knitting Workshop

Help us make a string of knitted bunting for the festival, learning how to knit your own triangle to add to the piece. You’ll be introduced to the tools used in knitting and types of yarn, learn how to cast on, knit, purl, decrease, cast off, and finish your piece. Suitable for adults and kids aged 10+ – younger children welcome if assisted by an adult.


Next Steps Knitting Workshop – Make a triangle for our knitted bunting using some more advanced techniques, including lace, cabling, textures and intarsia. We’ll also cover how to read patterns and charts, and workshop leader Mags will be on hand to answer any knitting questions or dilemmas you may have! Suitable for anyone with basic knitting skills, who’d like to learn something new.

Better known for cooking and growing things with the Fife Diet and more recently Common Good Food, Mags has been knitting her whole life, but got really quite good at it during a period of unemployment six years ago.Facilitator: Mags Hall

NonStuff Festival, bringing you colour & magic
NonStuff Festival, bringing you colour & magic

Upcycling with bicycle inner tubes

Playing about with the possibilities. Making jewellery, toys, decorations.

I have been making bags, jewellery, decorations and toys out of bicycle inner tubes for a couple of years. A free resource, easy to cut and punch and sew plus they’re strong and waterproof. Facilitator: Lucie Macaulay

Making Story Pockets

Creating a special Place Where Imaginations Unfold
Some of the most precious memories of enjoying stories are the earliest ones, but they can fly by in a flash. Sometimes you wish you could catch them like a moonbeam and hold them in your hand. And you can: Using recycled materials, including library books rescued from the discard bin, story pockets gives children and families pockets for keeping those story memories and taking them out again and playing with them. In this session families will have a chance to enjoy rhymes, songs and simple stories, make creative responses to them and a pocket place to keep them so that their creations, be they puppet, collage or game, are ready to pop out again whenever they want to return to the magical world of imagination and take it that bit further.

Beth Cross is a firm believer in stories’ ability to bring people together. All stories need a community to be told in and communities are the stories they tell. Beth Cross’s tales are always told with a pinch of mischief to give them spice. Whether its recounting the far fetched escapades of Scotland’s Jack tales, some of the wildest ornriest heroes from America’s frontier, or the wily Anasi of Africa and the Caribbean – these characters come to life drawing audiences young and old into the adventures. Beth’s work at the Scottish Storytelling Centre as StoryMakers facilitators has developed her PhD work on storytelling and children’s creativity. Facilitator: Beth Cross

Creative collage – make your own collage from scrap materials as a way of visioning your life.. Facilitator: Sophie Unwin @ Remade in Edinburgh

Mini Beasts

Using natural materials we’ll make mini-beasts for the lovely woods around Wiston Lodge. All the materials are totally organic, so can be taken away or left to degrade naturally with the woodland. Participants can be young or old (under 5’s should be accompanied by an adult). People will: -Learn basic clay sculpture techniques. -How to make a pinch pot. -Engage with their surroundings by selecting found materials and choosing the best spot for their woodland beast to live. -Appreciate that you don’t need anything to use your imagination! Mini Beasts can be as elaborate as people choose. Beginning with a simple pinch pot which would suit younger children, or coil pots and free form sculptures. This activity is salutary, calming, and good messy fun!

We are safety conscious facilitators with over twenty years’ experience between us. My background is in Fine Art and Art Psychotherapy. I have worked with older people and adults in mental health running therapeutic art groups. I currently run workshops in Primary school and with the Woodcraft Folks co-Operative children’s movement. Facilitators: Tanya Bolton and Pegs Bailey

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