Three in ONE

1) Come along to NonStuff festival for three days of workshops, music, nature connection and fun.

2) Support a fantastic project – happening right here in Scotland. Douglas & Rhyddian are planning to offer wilderness training for Scottish teens, AND they are just £146 away from their tipping point in their crowdfunder.

3) NonStuff festival have donated 2 tickets for the three day event (which include camping) to support Dougie & Rhyddian. So, if you pledge the money to them and their project, you save £5 –  a bargain 🙂 you support a great initiative, and your all organised to join us!!

Click here to find out more about the Wilderness Rites Project

*** Update: Dougie & Rhyddian are now just £26 away from reaching their tipping point!!!! Would anyone like to push them over the edge? 😉

Dougie & Rhyd 2