NonStuff Festival 2015 has a whole host of options with workshops, music, art and quiet time, but it wouldn’t be a festival without some earthy dance. This year we have some lovely dance & movement workshops, and some really great teachers joining us.

Festival tickets & bookings:
Festival tickets & bookings:

Traditional West African dance class.


Traditional West African dance class with a different rhythm/dance. Dance teacher: Zoe Sawane

I teach traditional West African dances that are very energetic and simple enough to be picked up by beginners or can be built upon to become more challenging. You really get a sweat on in a free and fun way! I have learnt the African dances in Senegal and at festivals in the UK and have been teaching for 8 years for community groups, schools, sports centres, festivals and events.

Biodanza in Nature “the dance of silent words in the music of nature” part one

starting with a short introduction to what Biodanza is and what we will be doing in the workshop, we will be outdoors to experience a creative journey of movement, shared dance and meditation and in the presence of nature. Opening ourselves and our senses to the inner and outer worlds, we will heighten our awareness to the music that awakens us and is awakened through our dance. Meeting each other in this landscape of beauty and richness, enhances our connection with a natural gratitude for all that we share.

Biodanza in Nature – “the dance of silent words in the music of nature” part two

These Biodanza experiences are designed to follow one another and it is recommended that people attending part two have already been to part one. It is really helpful to keep the continuity of the first part with this experience which will deepen our connection in the dance with nature and open the potential to expand our awareness of this dance of life with the dance that is happening in the universe around us. We will also start to use sound and voice as another form of music dancing through the body. Biodanza aims to help reconnect the human community through dance, movement and expression of the loving intelligence we share together as human beings. No experience is necessary. Bring some water to drink and warm clothes if needed. Dance teacher: Claire Levy Lewis

Claire Levey Lewis has been practising Biodanza since 1996. She qualified as a teacher in 2002 and has been director of the Rolando Toro Schools of Biodanza in Scotland & Ireland since 2005/2006. She has been pioneering the work and supporting the growth of Biodanza in both countries and additionally in the North of England. As well directing the training schools in Scotland & Ireland, Claire specialises in Biodanza and Social Action, working with various organisations in Edinburgh and Scotland for people with learning disabilities, vulnerable children and projects for social inclusion.

Dancing@ NonStuff Festival 2014
Dancing@ NonStuff Festival 2014

Adventure Dance

An outdoor creative practice for young adults that combines contemporary dance, parkour and martial arts with environmental education. We will start with a gentle warm up leading into creative questions eg. how do participants view their environment? We will then move into teaching basic safety, traceur and dance techniques. By the end of the workshop each participant will have created a short dance pathway that reflects elements of their relationship to landscape, as they journey through/within/over it. Dance teachers: Dana MacPherson & Will Thorburn

Dana MacPherson – long distance outdoor dancer, aerial wall runner,choreographer, ki-aikido practitioner, traceur/parkour artist, painter, large scale festival decorator.

Will Thorburn – Professor Ourico of Capoeira, rigger, dance teacher, traceur/parkour artist, choreographer, massage therapist, toured and taught internationally. Most recently with Glasgow Commonwealth Youth Circus & Glasgow parkour group

Playful Movement : Explorations in Nature’

A workshop of gentle, free movement exploring and interacting with the natural environment based on the teachings of Anna Halprin (California based experimental dancer/choreographer whose practice engages deeply with the natural environment). Easy and fun exercises such as creating responsive interpretative dance movements to trees and plants, water, wind and sky and moving through the surroundings as a group, in pairs, and by yourself- using all the senses, in bare feet, and engaging in playful activities such as rolling, skipping and crawling. The workshop will explore, through movement, different ways of connecting with nature in a relaxed, enjoyable manner. Suitable for all ages and all levels of ability. Facilitator: Emma Forbes

My name is Emma. I am a meditating, dancing yogi who is obsessed with nutrition. I live in the countryside in the Highlands and love nothing more than to connect with the natural environment. My workshops are based on the teachings of Anna Halprin, a Californian based experimental dancer/choreographer I have researched and trained with who has been teaching interpretative movement workshops on her outdoor deck in amongst the Californian Redwood trees since the 1950s!

A stomp-tastic, get everyone dancing, musical journey

Music: Portnawak & The Woo

Portnawak & The Woo started playing together over 6 years ago when they all lived on the Woodcote Estate in Midlothian. They play genre busting tunes that are gypsy, folk and punk influenced. Portnawak enjoy that they play a range of acoustic instruments, all with a story to tell.

Barefoot Ceilidh

Cordinated by Robin Newmann

Ceilidh collective, founder and co-ordinator, fundraising for social and environmental grassroots organisations and charities since 2003

boe (bespoke organic events), proprietor – event management and outside catering since 2002

Came to Non-Stuff last year and loved it. Friend of Mr James NonStuff Chapman, Anna NonStuff Liebmann, Elly NonStuff Kinross


You’ll be dancing your socks off, literally 🙂

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