NonStuff Festival 2015 are returning to Wiston Lodge which offers the perfect landscape for fully realising our part in nature, and unwinding. It is a fitting place for a weekend filled with Yoga & Meditation.

We will be offering lots of opportunities to connect with nature, get grounded, learn new techniques, or practice the ones that have gotten rusty, whilst being immersed in nature alongside like-minded people. We have some great teachers & facilitators, for all of you interested in being still, being mindful and stretching your mind & body.

Wiston Lodge Photo: John Paul Dear
Wiston Lodge
Photo: John Paul Dear

This year we have many great yoga and meditation workshops, including:

Thai yoga massage –
A fun playful -clothes on-massage session to open up your mind and body to healing form of touch. This is done in pairs and the practitioner takes the participants through 30 minutes (each) of thai yoga massage techniques. Facilitator: Morgan Windram

Morgan is a yoga teacher and works with all ages, delivering tailored yoga sessions, incorporating breath, mindfulness and body awareness. She teaches yoga full time and has developed a programme of yoga for healing from eating disorders.

Morgan and Penny Noel will also facilitate:

Kids acrobatic yoga and song session.

Penny is a clinical psychologist and is also a fully qualified yoga teacher in yoga and mindfulness with bodhi yoga. Penny enjoys working with children and teaching through song, and mindful movement.

Yoga, Health and Happiness for Teens.

This workshop will be for the teens to stretch, enjoy their bodies, express themselves through movement and breath. It will be about acceptance and delight in our incredible beings.

Facilitator: Jennifer MacGregor Dennis

Jennifer’s first teacher was her mother who is an Iyengar Yoga teacher. After moving to New York Jennifer’s practice deepened with the inspiring teachers and the great need for calm within the busy city. Whilst in New York she completed her 2 year teacher training at the Iyengar Institute and went on to spend 4 months in India with the focus on learning Yoga from great teachers such as Geeta Iyengar. She has had the privilege of teaching all ages and in many different parts of the world from India to California. Now back in her home, Scotland, she wishes to bring all that she has been lucky enough to learn and experience here.

Yoga and Meditation 

Gentle scaravelli yoga emphasising relaxing and releasing, followed by a loving kindness meditation. Facilitator: Sophie Unwin

Sophie is a writer, ecologist, and founder of community enterprise Remade in Edinburgh


Skin – a place of meeting myself and the world

Guided exploration on how we are in the present moment through body awareness, movement, work in pairs. Facilitator: Sona Zackova

I am a Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator. I trained at Institute of Bodywork and Movement Therapy. I work part time as a Weaving workshop leader with people with learning difficulties.

Meditation & Relaxation for Children

This would be made up of a few shorter meditation exercises aimed at helping children relax and have fun. Movement, stillness, colouring mandalas etc could all be incorporated. Facilitator: Suzi Gibson

I have been a therapist for 11 years now after leaving the world of Software Engineering. I teach meditation to adults and children, do confidence building workshops and am a Reiki Master Teacher. I have worked mainly in Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders. I regularly run retreats and classes at Stobo Castle and meditation at Peebles High School as well as running my own private classes and 1-1 sessions. Trained in Mind Calm, Mindfulness and Connected Kids meditation.

Kirtan, devotional singing and Mantra chanting.

Kirtan is Indian devotional singing invoking various names of the divine. Uplifting, cleansing and relaxing to body and mind. This will be accompanied by an Indian harmonium. There is also space for people to share devotional chants or songs if they wish. Facilitator: Jeffrey Levin

Jeffrey has been involved in devotional singing and Kirtan and bhajan with friends and various small groups. Share the lead with one other person of a small Kirtan group in Glasgow where we meet in a Yoga studio. Have visited India many times and I am familiar with a number of chants from Hindu Tradition particularly from Krishna Das. Also I am familiar with a number of Vedic mantra chants

Mindfulness Yoga

My classes are fun and simple, with an emphasis on mind, body, breath connection. You’ll hear a little Sanskrit. My Yoga teaching, and lifestyle, is founded upon Buddhist principles – You don’t need to be a Buddhist to practice, just a willingness to be open to new experiences. Facilitator: Angela McHugh

Tai Chi Workshop Facilitator: Alan Skirving

Alan Skirving has been practising Tai Chi since 1997 and has studied with several teachers in the Cheng Man-ch’ing and Huang Sheng Shyan lineage, including a number of direct senior students of both. He has also practised yoga for many years, with a particular interest in ‘Scaravelli-inspired’ yoga, as well as various approaches to meditation and healing.


Eden Energy medicine to lift the soul 

Using energy medicine techniques including acupressure tapping, affirmation work, yoga and tai chi movements, massage and visualization you can learn a basic routine you can do daily to keep your energies lifted and keep happy.

I’ve just graduated from the Eden Energy Medicine diploma and have used it for working with clients for a two years now at bewitching beauty running monthly workshops there and I ran 5 workshops at various festivals last year and the year before. Facilitator: Suzy Berry

Come and join us for a weekend of relaxation, calm, quietness and nature connection.We will be offering camping as part of the ticket price, or you can book a room in the Lodge or one of the Timber cabins if you come with a few folk.

And if you like, you can also join in some in of our other activities, and of course enjoy the gentle and rousing sounds of the festival music.


NonStuff strapline

Wiston Lodge

One of Wiston Lodge’s major attractions is our outdoor space. Our 52-acre estate consists of a wide variety of woodlands, with a large campsite and a productive vegetable garden.

The scale of our estate allows us to offer a wide range of environments. Some of these are described below:

    • Policy woodlands. These woodlands, surrounding the main house, consist of interesting and exotic trees and plantings. This creates a beautiful area in the immediate surroundings of the main house.

    • Regenerating woodland. This area is undergoing natural regeneration, with pioneer species and some native broad-leaf planting. An ideal place to demonstrate the natural environment, possibly as part of the John Muir Award.

    • Plantation woodland. We have three plantations: An area of Sitka Spruce which provides firewood and building material, a larch plantation approaching maturity, and a mixed plantation of young larch and ash trees.

    • Vegetable garden. Our organic vegetable and herb garden provides food for our guests and a great environment to learn about food growing.