Our aim is to offer a festival which is fun for all the family. Good, healthy, happy, connected, earthy, community fun. We think we have put together a programme of events which reflect those aims, and more…

We relied on folk showing up, willing to share their skills, their expertise, their knowledge, their inner child – the one who delights in others having fun. We have been very lucky in all the colourful, energetic, passionate, playful and artistic people who have come forward to create a beautiful & vibrant crochet blanket,  that all of us can wrap ourselves in over the three days.

As well as all the games both outdoors and in, we will be offering a full range of workshops, to suit everyone’s taste, whatever your age. Here are some more of the fun happenings at NonStuff festival 2015

Festival tickets & bookings:   http://nonstuff-festival-2015.bpt.me
Festival tickets & bookings: http://nonstuff-festival-2015.bpt.me

Outdoor Games and activities to energize and inspire

Session includes fun and interactive games and activities that will get people laughing, running around, working together and having fun. These sessions can be great in building confidence and raising self esteem in a fun and active way. It will also be a great way to break the ice for young people attending the festival. 12 – 18 years Facilitator: Vicky Reed

It will be a fun and interactive session, using outdoor education skills and tools to deliver group games and activities. The aim will be to gel the group together with a mix of outdoor games that will engage them, have them laughing as well as learning how to work together with others.

Introduction to raw chocolate making…

A straightforward and accessible introduction to making chocolate which is sugar and dairy free, and containing all the potent nutritional elements of one of natures’ most nutritional foods… Facilitator: Scott Young

I’ve been refining my diet in alignment with my own personal development for many years. To discover the health benefits of cacao and develop a way to make really delicious cacao superfood bars and to unfold my passion for sharing this knowledge with other people has been a real joy.

Connecting in Gratitude

A 30 min workshop based on Joanna Macy’s work using open sentences to explore gratitude between pairs. This can also be seen as an active ‘zone 0.0’ permaculture workshop.


Empathy Tent

An open ‘event’ where people can come and receive empathy, do an ’empathy test’ and find out more about Nonviolent/Compassionate Communication and the power of empathy. Facilitator: Emma Quayle

I love to bring people together in my joy for sharing to explore the mind, ideas, and human potential. I’ve often been coined a ‘Node’ – A point of convergence. I curate the Nonviolent Communication Happenings Newsletter for Scotland, facilitate accessible Nonviolent Communication events, work with Claire Lewis developing the presence of Biodanza in Scotland, study Permaculture, and work as a researcher for Julian Treasure of The Sound Agency. I dedicate my energy to my own self-discovery, and creating opportunities for collective exploration.

Games for Peas: silly tactics for collective personal healing

Games are collective, silly and fun, and they can also be a tool for personal healing and nonviolent resistance. This is a fun workshop for all ages which playfully explores activism, imagination and healing through group games and creative exercises. Some of the games involve running around, but there will also be a mixture of exercises so that people of all abilities can take part in most of the workshop. The workshop is loosely based on the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army trainings for nonviolent resistance. Facilitator: Svenja Meyerricks

Svenja is a community gardener and academic who lives in Glasgow. She used to deliver trainings with the Glasgow group of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, and has used playful tactics of nonviolent resistance at protests in Scotland, Germany and Denmark.

Clowning workshop

A collection if games that explore clownishness. Working on connecting ourselves together with humour, lightheartedness and cooperation. Allowing ourselves to fail and making it work. Facilitator: Cammy Sinclair

Cammy Sinclair has performed in the UK and abroad as a musician and clown. He’s worked with Orkestra Del Sol, and alongside Phil Kay and Dr Brown. In the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe he’s one half of a two man show with Chris Forbes entitled Sketch n Sniff.

children’s acrobatic yoga and song!

A fun, playful energetic and engaging workshops, involving adults and children, aged 4-14. This is a wonderful way for teenagers to connect with each other and learn trust, a fantastic way to bond with your child and a way in which to begin a conversation between bodies.Facilitator: Morgan Windram & Penny Noel

Morgan is a yoga teacher and works with all ages, delivering tailored yoga sessions, incorporating breath, mindfulness and body awareness. She teaches yoga full time and has developed a programme of yoga for healing from eating disorders.

Penny is a clinical psychologist and is also a fully qualified yoga teacher in yoga and mindfulness with bodhi yoga. Penny enjoys working with children and teaching through song, and mindful movement.

Balkan Songs

We will teach one or two Balkan songs to anyone who would like and then find a space to perform it… Facilitators: Kuchke

Kuchke are an all female, predominantly vocal group who create polyphonic harmonies inspired by the Balkans.

Drumming for community thriving

Join us for an hour of rhythmic community-building, as we explore how drumming is increasingly being used to promote health, wellbeing, and sound community relationships. More than just learning and repeating a beat – everyone present takes responsibility for their own sound, and the sound of the group. The best music arises from the awareness skills of the group, rather than musical technique, and there’s plenty of rhythm and relational exercises along the way to nurture group spirit. For anyone who’s interested in a better world through music! Facilitator: Jane Bentley

Dr Jane Bentley is a freelance specialist in music and wellbeing, and works all over the UK and abroad using music to explore community, communication, and creativity in health, educational and social care settings. She works primarily in mental health, and has contributed to national and European initiatives on music in healthcare settings. She recently completed a PhD in musical participation, interaction, and its role in human wellbeing. More info, at http://www.art-beat.info

Cuddle workshop

Cuddling reduces stress and anxiety. It also releases the feel-good hormone “oxytocin”. Through cuddling we are able to bond with other human beings and are reminded of our shared need for love.
During this workshop, with myself as a trained “cuddle therapist” I will help participants follow their instinct need for cuddles. The workshop is strictly non-sexual and begins with exploring touch through dance
and games, and culminates in a “cuddle-heap”. Everybody from the age of 18+ is welcome to join us. Please bring along any mats, blankets and cushions you have with you. Facilitator: Lee Cockshott
I am a graduate theatre-maker of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I have led drama and dance workshops for all types of ages and all types of mental and physical abilites.
My main goal has been to help people rise above their perceived abilites. Together we experience moments of empowerment and transcendence. My keen interest for alternative therapies and life-styles have continuing influences on my practice.
Join us at NonStuff Festival 2015. Let's make this a colourful and fun event Festival Tickets: http://nonstuff-festival-2015.bpt.me/
Join us at NonStuff Festival 2015. Let’s make this a colourful and fun event
Festival Tickets: http://nonstuff-festival-2015.bpt.me/
 And we wouldn’t be NonStuff, if we didn’t include a workshop on de-cluttering 🙂
Creative Decluttering
This hands on workshop looks at our attachment to stuff, what we need. what we can let go of and how to let go of it in the most creative and positive ways. Is stuff about material use, sentimentality or
something else? Is it actually about the stories around stuff that holds us in place? This session looks at stuff in the light of sustainability, peace and equality. I hope to show all how creativity is the secret
ingredient that helps to free us from the stuff that quite simply weighs us down. Facilitator: Zem Moffat
I use kindness, creativity and simplicity to help free homes and hearts from the weight of things. I help my clients make smart moves, maximising positive effects for themselves, their friends and family, and for our planet too. I can teach you new habits and put in place systems that work for you

Festival Tickets: http://nonstuff-festival-2015.bpt.me/