Communication via the spoken word is one of the most commonly used creative expressions. However language, in whatever form, has a deep resonance for all of us. NonStuff festival 2015 offers you the opportunity to use your words wisely, and learn just some of the languages of nature.

Creative words & language in workshops:

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Wayfaring Words An encouraging, fun and dynamic session using the tools of creative writing and poetic expression to expand our awareness of ourselves and the world we are living in. Writing as a way to find beauty, cathartic release, interconnectedness and healing in words that we didn’t know we had inside ourselves. This session is suitable both for beginners and experienced writers, and we will be using writing prompts and time limits to journey through own inner landscape.

I am a poet, translator and creative writing tutor. Born and raised in Mexico, I completed an MLitt in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow in 2009, my work has been published in anthologies and literary magazines in the UK and abroad, and I have facilitated a number of writing and translation workshops in a variety of settings, both in Scotland and further afield. Facilitator: Juana Adcock

“Storytelling Improvisation” This workshop seeks to unveil the storyteller in us all. Through improvised storytelling we are able to make our static reality into a reality full of possibilities. Without noticing it we work through subconscious thoughts and feelings and make room for the new. Like in any improvisation (dance, music etc.) we access a form of meditation. As everything is in constant flow we become present in the moment. Improvised storytelling provides free entertainment to ourselves and to others. It can happen anywhere and at anytime. All we need is our imagination. It brings us back into a child-like state of curiosity, inspiration and creativity. Using my background as a theatre-maker I will help you access your own wonderworld of adventures and magic.

I am a graduate theatre-maker of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I have led drama and dance workshops for all types of ages and all types of mental and physical abilites. My main goal has been to help people rise above their perceived abilites. Together we experience moments of empowerment and transcendence. My keen interest for alternative therapies and life-styles have continuing influences on my practice. Facilitator: Lee Cockshott

Understanding Animal Wisdom I will encourage exploration of how our indigenous ancestors/cultures used what they learned from their observations of various animals and how they integrated what they learned into their own personal lives and situations. Participants will be encouraged to share their own wisdom and stories, to think about the animals they are most drawn to and why they feel this way. They will also be lead through meditation to help them find their animal guide and feel it’s wisdom. I will also share stories and ask participants to do the same at various times. Depending in the weather and area, I may ask participants to find a small sacred space under a tree (also known as a ‘sit spot’ in permaculture terms/ Jon Young) and observe nature for 15mins, then come back and share.

I’ve recently resigned from my job and now taking time out to peruse what inspires, touches and moves me and that is connecting with nature and community. I’m realising more and more how important it is to stay present to each other and the world around us and keep it simple, as this is all we require, apart from a good dose of love! Facilitator: June Imrie

Jemima and the Fuse Cloud-hopping tales are told by clear, honest vocals and adorned with playful instrumentation. Jemima and her band charm you along a cathartic, life-affirming journey of haunting songs. The unique combination of strings and a rare wooden box called a chromatic tongue drum add to the innovative sounds they create. The duo, Tim and Jemima become Jemima and the Fuse. Singing songs playing ukulele, Tim accompanies on a tongue drum. Performers: Tim Lane & Jemima Thewes

Silly Songs with Catchy Choruses A lighthearted surrealistic engagement, encompassing elements of musical comedy, clowning and sage-like stupidity

Cammy Sinclair has performed in the UK and abroad as a musician and clown. He’s worked with Orkestra Del Sol, and alongside Phil Kay and Dr Brown. In the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe he’s one half of a two man show with Chris Forbes entitled Sketch n Sniff. Performer: Cammy Sinclair

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