We shall be offering lots of great music performances at NonStuff festival, but we thought it only fair that everyone has a chance to make their own music, so we are bringing you some fantastic music workshops, to get those feet & fingers tapping and your vocal chords oiled.

Festival tickets & bookings:   http://nonstuff-festival-2015.bpt.me
Festival tickets & bookings: http://nonstuff-festival-2015.bpt.me

In the moment drumming workshops

Paul John Dear is a Rhythmical Alchemist. He works very much in the moment with what is present and is able to connect the participants in a workshop to create an experiential whole that is far greater than the sum of it’s parts. It’s true. I’ve seen it with my own ears. Drummer extraordinaire & facilitator: John Paul Dear

Enjoy your voice Natural voice practitioner, experienced community choir leader, musician , performer. . . with an MSc in my craft – I run inclusive singing and voice development workshops for participants of all abilities and confidence levels. Teaching songs form around the world and using well structured workshop exercises designed to increase vocal confidence.

Six years running Forest Community Choir, six months running Portobello Community Choir. MSc Music in the Community (Edinburgh) Trained as a Natural Voice Practitioner with Frankie Armstrong. Member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network. Ten years experience running day, weekend and residential workshops in Edinburgh and all over Scotland. Eight years of experience Glastonbury Festival hosting improvisation / jamming circles. Gigging folk and reggae musician. Facilitator: Chandra

Photo: John Paul Dear @ Wiston Loadge
Photo: John Paul Dear @ Wiston Lodge

Boomwhacker percussion workshop Boomwhackers have their origin in recycled street percussion, a boomwhacker is a pipe that when it is hit on something makes a note, with a group of people working together makes a tune each person having one or two notes. I usually get people playing samba style rhythms.

I’ve been playing percussion for nearly 10 years and been teaching workshops for the last three years. I find that percussion brings folk together, boomwhackers are a very approachable instrument and it allows me to bring a workshop on my bike!!! Facilitator: Chris Stock

Kirtan, devotional singing and Mantra chanting Kirtan is Indian devotional singing invoking various names of the divine. Uplifting, cleansing and relaxing to body and mind. This will be accompanied by an Indian harmonium. There is also space for people to share devotional chants or songs if they wish.

Have been involved in devotional singing and Kirtan and bhajan with friends and various small groups. Share the lead with one other person of a small Kirtan group in Glasgow where we meet in a Yoga studio. Have visited India many times and I am familiar with a number of chants from Hindu Tradition particularly from Krishna Das. Also I am familiar with a number of Vedic mantra chants. Facilitator: Jeffrey Levin

Ukulele for absolute beginners – does what it says – come and try the world’s most accessible stringed instrument! If you’ve ever wanted to strum, sing, and play the happiest instrument on the planet, this is for you. Learn at least 3 chords, and be playing actual songs by the end of the workshop…

Plus Drumming for community thriving

Join us for an hour of rhythmic community-building, as we explore how drumming is increasingly being used to promote health, wellbeing, and sound community relationships. More than just learning and repeating a beat – everyone present takes responsibility for their own sound, and the sound of the group. The best music arises from the awareness skills of the group, rather than musical technique, and there’s plenty of rhythm and relational exercises along the way to nurture group spirit. For anyone who’s interested in a better world through music!

Dr Jane Bentley is a freelance specialist in music and wellbeing, and works all over the UK and abroad using music to explore community, communication, and creativity in health, educational and social care settings. She works primarily in mental health, and has contributed to national and European initiatives on music in healthcare settings. She recently completed a PhD in musical participation, interaction, and its role in human wellbeing. More info, at http://www.art-beat.info. Facilitator: Jane Bentley

World harmony singing (with Harry Campbell and Voicebeat). Combo performance/workshop. Come and sing traditional music from around the globe with Glasgow’s world music community choir.

plus Shapenote singing (with Harry Campbell and Gordon Kennedy).

“Shapenote” or “Sacred Harp” singing is an early ancestor of gospel, descended from English village hymns, flourishing in 18th-century New England, kept alive to this day in the American South. Now experiencing a revival, it has spread to Europe and there are monthly singings in Glasgow and Edinburgh. http://shapenotescotland.weebly.com

Harry Campbell leads workshops and community singing groups in Glasgow and elsewhere and sings in the folk/world harmony groups Muldoon’s Picnic and Crying Lion. He was one of the first to introduce shapenote singing to Scotland. Gordon Kennedy is a freelance composer and musician who sings in Voicebeat. Facilitators: Harry Campbell & Gordon Kennedy

bhajan/kirtan/chanting session An opportunity to learn and sing, some simple songs and chants, which calm the mind and open the heart. no musical experience required.

Music has been a real healing force in my life for many years, especially sitting down with other people and singing these songs and chants. Facilitator: Scott Young

 Festival tickets: http://nonstuff-festival-2015.bpt.me